Dre Magee & Sam Allen // Abandoned Location // Sept. 2016

Dre Magee & Sam Allen // Abandoned Location // Sept. 2016

I have been doing collaboration shoots with my friend, Reagan Allen, over the last couple of months and this was the third shoot that we had. We both wanted to take photos at an abandoned location that had a darker and eerie vibe to them.  

We went to Maple's Motel, located on the south side of Muncie.  The location was exactly was Reagan and I wanted. I edited the photos with darker tones, but brought out the highlights in the model's skin and features. 

I will be continuing to update this blog with our past and future collab shoots, as well as other events, lifestyle and portrait work that I do. 

To see more photos from this shoot and other collaborative sessions, look at Reagan Lynn Photography! 

Interested in doing a collaborative shoot or booking a session? Email samanthabrammerphotography@gmail.com