Western Styled Session in Old Town Scottsdale | Phoenix, Arizona Based Photographer

The moment I moved out to the Southwest, I knew I had to do a Western themed photoshoot. Being a photographer in Phoenix, Arizona & so close to Old Town Scottsdale, which has the title of “the West’s Most Western Town,” it was clearly a sign that I had to make this happen.

I’m still pretty knew to Arizona, but I’ve already gotten to know & work with so many awesome people. The creative community out here has honestly given me so much support & welcomed me in more than I ever could have expected.

When I posted about wanting to do a Western themed session, Josie was one of the first people to reach out to me. I knew she would be perfect for the vision I had in mind. We spent probably a little over a month planning out her outfits & figuring out the style that we wanted.


We decided that the overall look was considered a ‘boho western’ style. Sticking to old west roots with a chic cowboy hat, cowboy boots, a red bandana, & bolo tie, but bringing in modern boho styles with a floral dress & silver & turquoise rings.

On August 11th at 7 in the morning we finally met up in Old Town Scottsdale to create some old west magic. I also want to add that Josie is a trooper because by the time we were done it was over 100°.

Sometimes going into photoshoots you don’t always know what to expect. You can plan a lot & try & map everything out for a styled shoot, but even then there’s a lot that you just have to work with in the moment. The lighting, the people around, the location, outfit changes, & a lot of other random stuff that goes into creating well thought-out photographs.


I was seriously so happy with how these photos turned out. One of my goals that I set when I moved out to Arizona was to do more creative shoots that I really planned out & had a true concept behind them. There’s just something really special about ideas in your head coming to life.


Josie was so much fun to work with & open to all my weird ideas & concepts. Follow her on Instagram here & you should also vote for her in the Face of Foothills Search here! Such a talented, awesome lady that I can’t wait to work with again.

Here’s to the next adventure.