As the years go by, a friendship that will never die

You know those people that you meet and just click with? 

It's hard for me to find people like that. 

With a mix of me being an introvert & just being stubborn with the types of people I let into my life, I'm picky when it comes to getting close with people. 

I always try to not be too cliche or sad when I make blog posts, but I also try to be genuine. I've had a lot of people surprise me the last few years. 

College is this weird time where you're ready to move on from a lot of things from high school, but find yourself, while losing a lot of people you used to be close to in the process. 

I sometimes think my problem is that I only want meaningful friendships. I want to know that people care about me as much as I care about them and I want to see effort put in. 

I know that may sound dumb, and you may be thinking, "who doesn't want meaningful friendships?" 

Going to a university with nearly 20,000 people, you meet a lot of different personalities. And those little interactions do mean a lot. It's more like networking for a lot of people though. Students like getting connections and knowing who people are, but to create a full on, meaningful friendship with someone takes a lot of work. 

I'm so happy for all of the people I've met within my major and organizations and clubs that I have joined over the last three years, but goodness is it hard to find people that I mesh with. 

As much as I am complaining, I've been so beyond lucky to have a best friend in my life for nearly 17 years now. 17 years. 

Whitney Coffman. 

Like I said earlier, I have trouble clicking with people and trusting them. Whitney is that person that I click with though, and I probably never appreciate her as much as I should.

We have very different personalities, but we just get each other. She knows what I'm thinking before I say it and we can read each other's side-eye looks from across the room. And even with all the crazy stuff that has happened in our lives over almost two decades, she always has my back. Whether I'm thinking about making an irrational decision, applying for a job, or can't decide what shirt to wear--she's always there. 

I've spent so much of college looking for certain types of people and certain types of friendships, sometimes you forget how lucky you are with what you've always had. 

I took these photos of Whitney last weekend when we made a spontaneous stop on the Cardinal Greenway on our way home from ice cream. I was inspired by #TakeMorePicsOfUrFriends & appreciating little moments. 

In honor of National Best Friend Day, I hope you enjoyed this post & I hope you love & appreciate your best friend as much as I do mine. 

"That's when I realized what a true friend was. Someone who would always love you--the imperfect you, the confused you, the wrong you--because that is what people are supposed to do." -r.j.l.

Love you always, Whitney. Thank you for everything.


Samantha Rose Photography