Stops Along Route 66 | Blue Swallow Motel - Tucumcari, New Mexico

I'm currently sitting in my apartment in Tempe, AZ with the air conditioning blasting. It's 101 outside... and only getting hotter. 

I just got back from a visit in Indiana though and I can officially say I'm a Phoenician because the humid 85 degree weather there is so much worse than the 100 degree dry heat here. 

Samantha_NewMexico_RoadTrip_April2018_Senior Photography In Phoenix Arizona_ArizonaSeniorPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_-2.jpg

This photo was taken at the back of the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico. I've been in the process of editing all of my photos from my mom and I's road trip out west. 

This was one of my favorite stops on our trip. When we decided to stop at all the best Route 66 locations, the Blue Swallow was listed as a must, and I can completely understand why. 


Samantha_NewMexico_RoadTrip_April2018_Senior Photography In Phoenix Arizona_ArizonaSeniorPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_-2-2.jpg
Samantha_NewMexico_RoadTrip_April2018_Senior Photography In Phoenix Arizona_ArizonaSeniorPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_-1-2.jpg
Samantha_NewMexico_RoadTrip_April2018_Senior Photography In Phoenix Arizona_ArizonaSeniorPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_-3-2.jpg

The salmon pink walls, periwinkle doors, and vintage signs made it feel like we were taking a step back in time. The town of Tucumcari has clearly changed a lot since Route 66 was at its peak of popularity, but driving down the road you can still see and visit places that have been there since the beginning. 


Samantha_NewMexico_RoadTrip_April2018_Senior Photography In Phoenix Arizona_ArizonaSeniorPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_-1-3.jpg
On me: Shirt from  Urban Outfitters  | Jeans from  Forever 21  | Sunglasses from  Ray-Ban  

On me: Shirt from Urban Outfitters | Jeans from Forever 21 | Sunglasses from Ray-Ban 

If you're making a trip along Route 66, the Blue Swallow Motel is a must see and if you have time, I would absolutely stay the night there. 

This is my first installment of my Route 66 blog posts, I plan to feature all my favorite locations, photo stops, and unique things along the way. 

Here's to all the adventures coming. 

Bold is the Move - Arizona Based Lifestyle Photographer

Bold is the move. 

And this session was a dream. 

I teamed up with an amazing group of girls for one of my favorite studio sessions to date. We started with the idea of strong colors and bold makeup and it turned into an amazing vision that was everything I could have ever dreamed. 

I'll keep this blog post short and let the photos do the talking. 


Models:  Christine Tate  &  Cheyanne Cook    Makeup:  MUA Hailey    Hair:  Kaycee Mae  

Models: Christine Tate & Cheyanne Cook 

Makeup: MUA Hailey 

Hair: Kaycee Mae 

Look 1: Captured in Cellophane 

Look 2: 80s Bold

Look 3: Sunshine Yellow

Look 4: Bold Together

Models: Christine Tate & Cheyanne Cook 

Makeup: MUA Hailey 

Hair: Kaycee Mae 

Look 5: Waves of Blue

This is some of my favorite work I have ever created in the studio. It was so much fun getting to do a creative session with some amazing ladies. There's one other look to this session that I'll be sharing in a separate blog post! For now, let me know in the comments which look is your favorite! Here's to the next round of creativity.