Fast Food Photo Challenge - Taco Bell - KFC - McDonald's - Muncie, Indiana

Two days ago I got a text from my best photo friend, Reagan Allen, that read, "Do you ever see a very not photogenic place and think man, I could take a cool pic there. Going through the Starbucks drive through and I see the striped wall of KFC and want to take pics in front of it" 

FastFoodPhotoChallenge_KaitlinRomack_March2018_Senior Photography In Tempe_ArizonaPortraitPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_final_013.JPG

My reply: "Yes!! I've really wanted to shoot at a Taco Bell because I love tbell so much hahaha" 

Within 45 minutes we had decided on our locations and found someone to model for us the next day at 3 p.m. 

This wasn't a very serious session by any means, but since I'm moving half way across the country in less than three weeks, we decided we needed to just go for it and get some creativity out. 


You get a few funny looks when you go inside a fast food restaurant with your "fancy cameras", a model, and start looking for the best window light.

It was worth the stares though. 

Look at these photos from TACO BELL. I should add that I am obsessed with Taco Bell. I don't really eat a lot of fast food anymore, but I still make relatively regular 4th meal runs... I also drink A LOT of Baja Blast (probably an unhealthy amount), so I HAD to include it in some of these. 

(p.s. we did ask for permission before we started taking photos). 

We weren't sure if we really needed to go any place else after how much fun we had here, but we decided to still hit up KFC and possibly McDonald's. 

FastFoodPhotoChallenge_KaitlinRomack_March2018_Senior Photography In Tempe_ArizonaPortraitPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_final_027.JPG

KFC's red and white wall did not disappoint. 


After living in Indiana my whole life, I've always thought that I could look at things a little differently. We don't have mountains, or an ocean, or desert landscapes. We have a lot of corn, it's really flat (where I'm located), and we have A LOT of overcast days. So you learn to work with what you have in your backyard, or the side of a building. 


We finished off this random and hilarious session at the McDonald's in Muncie that still has one of the original signs. We decided to go through the drive-thru and get an order of fries and an ice cream cone to use as props (and eat). 

This McDonald's is on a pretty busy road in town so there was a lot of staring and some honking (which p.s. if you're one of those people that honks at people taking photos or getting their photo taken, we don't like or appreciate it). 

The golden arch and retro font were giving us all the vintage vibes that our 21 and 22 year old hearts love. 

This was such a fun, spontaneous session. I get asked a lot my fellow photographers, old classmates, or just Instagram followers how I practice or make time for fun sessions. I know plenty of other photographers say this, but honestly, just use what you have and make time. Wake up early or stay up late, reach out to people to model for you or to shoot with you, learn about your gear, what YouTube videos, just keep growing. You do not get better over night and you most definitely do not get better staring at other people's work and wondering why yours doesn't look like it. Every time I have a session, whether it's for a client or just for fun, I always look back at all my photos and take notes about what I could have improved on. I have such a long way to go, but having a fun, creative shoot with my best photo friend at fast food restaurants has helped push me just that much closer to where I want to be. Isn't it so cool that this is what I get to do for the rest of my life? 

Any suggestions on what weird place we should have a session at next? Let me know in the comments (seriously, do it)! 

Here's to the next crazy adventure.