Senior Rep Program | Class of 2018

Want to become a senior rep for Samantha Rose Photography?

Are you graduating in 2018? Do you love having your photo taken or just want fun senior portraits? Do you love my work & want to help promote it? This is perfect for you! 

What is a senior rep?

Senior reps will receive a total of 4 hours of photo sessions for $200. The 4 hours can be split up and included unlimited outfit changes, 1-4 locations, 75+ photos, help with stylizing your outfits for each session, and other discounts with Samantha Rose Photography through the entire year. 

Reps are just required to post their photos to social media, share my photography pages with friends/family, and help promote my work! 

How do I become a rep?

I will be choosing 5 individuals to represent Samantha Rose Photography this year, just fill out the application linked below! All seniors in the Muncie & surrounding locations are eligible to apply. Application closes August 20th. 

A long-distance friendship

I’ve been thinking about life and people and friendships a lot lately. My most recent blog post was about my long-time best friend who I met in kindergarten.

As I’ve said before, I tend to expect a lot out of friendships. I want meaningful connections, or just people that I know I can count on. Since I’ve been in college, I’ve tried so hard to meet people. I’m sure it’s my millennial-side getting the best of me, but I always get so jealous when I see these perfect friendships on social media. I watch a lot of Youtubers and bloggers and they all seem to have a perfect group of people that have similar interests, and for the last three years I have so desperately wanted that.

I’m heading into my senior year of college and I’m working on just appreciating what I have in my life and the good people around me.

One of those people lives (roughly) 1,131 miles away from me.

A long-distance friendship of about 21 years now.

Nick (photos below).  

By far one of the strangest, goofiest, but best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

We became childhood friends because our mom’s became best friends in college and so my family would take trips out to Colorado a lot when I was younger.

Thanks to the internet and our parents letting us get AIM in elementary school and cell phones in middle school, our friendship continued on past just the younger years.

This has been such a strange friendship over the years, one that I’m so thankful for though.

We’ve always said our friendship works because we are enough removed from each others lives that we can talk about stuff, but we know enough about each other that we’re still close.

Sometimes life can be hard. Just to think about, deal with, figure out.

Nick’s that person in my life that will let me complain about anything from my heart burn to real life problems, but he’s brutally honest enough that he calls me out on my crap or when I’m being too dramatic.

Don’t get me wrong, he sucks at replying back sometimes and purposely ignores me when I’m being needy and tells me we have nothing in common…

I know he’d miss me if I wasn’t around though.

And the thing is, even if I have forced him to Skype with me or listen to songs I send him or other weird stuff, he’s always been there for me.

Through dealing with crappy friends, heartbreak, and family issues -- whenever I truly need him he’s always there.

He’s helped me realize that social media is stupid and you should never give anyone, ever your whole heart.

Don’t get me wrong, he drives me nuts. I always overthink everything and he tells me to do the opposite.

He’s helped make life a little less lonely though and always makes leaving Colorado harder each time.

And for that I am so thankful. To all the more years of friendship & adventures coming. 

Appreciate those around you, close by or far. 

"After all, things change, so do cities, people come into your life and they go. But it's comforting to know that the ones you love are always in your heart... and if you're very lucky, a plane ride away." 


(more photos below) 


As the years go by, a friendship that will never die

You know those people that you meet and just click with? 

It's hard for me to find people like that. 

With a mix of me being an introvert & just being stubborn with the types of people I let into my life, I'm picky when it comes to getting close with people. 

I always try to not be too cliche or sad when I make blog posts, but I also try to be genuine. I've had a lot of people surprise me the last few years. 

College is this weird time where you're ready to move on from a lot of things from high school, but find yourself, while losing a lot of people you used to be close to in the process. 

I sometimes think my problem is that I only want meaningful friendships. I want to know that people care about me as much as I care about them and I want to see effort put in. 

I know that may sound dumb, and you may be thinking, "who doesn't want meaningful friendships?" 

Going to a university with nearly 20,000 people, you meet a lot of different personalities. And those little interactions do mean a lot. It's more like networking for a lot of people though. Students like getting connections and knowing who people are, but to create a full on, meaningful friendship with someone takes a lot of work. 

I'm so happy for all of the people I've met within my major and organizations and clubs that I have joined over the last three years, but goodness is it hard to find people that I mesh with. 

As much as I am complaining, I've been so beyond lucky to have a best friend in my life for nearly 17 years now. 17 years. 

Whitney Coffman. 

Like I said earlier, I have trouble clicking with people and trusting them. Whitney is that person that I click with though, and I probably never appreciate her as much as I should.

We have very different personalities, but we just get each other. She knows what I'm thinking before I say it and we can read each other's side-eye looks from across the room. And even with all the crazy stuff that has happened in our lives over almost two decades, she always has my back. Whether I'm thinking about making an irrational decision, applying for a job, or can't decide what shirt to wear--she's always there. 

I've spent so much of college looking for certain types of people and certain types of friendships, sometimes you forget how lucky you are with what you've always had. 

I took these photos of Whitney last weekend when we made a spontaneous stop on the Cardinal Greenway on our way home from ice cream. I was inspired by #TakeMorePicsOfUrFriends & appreciating little moments. 

In honor of National Best Friend Day, I hope you enjoyed this post & I hope you love & appreciate your best friend as much as I do mine. 

"That's when I realized what a true friend was. Someone who would always love you--the imperfect you, the confused you, the wrong you--because that is what people are supposed to do." -r.j.l.

Love you always, Whitney. Thank you for everything.


Samantha Rose Photography



Brannon Muncey - Ball State Graduate // April 2017

My best friend is graduating from college next weekend. 

It's been a pretty crazy ride these last six years, and it's almost impossible to put it all into words. I'm so thankful to have had someone by my side all these years that means so much to me. Someone who has kept me grounded, calls me out when I need to be, and makes me realize that stressing out about life just makes things worse. 

I'll never be able to express how insanely proud I am of you and all that you've done during your four years at Ball State. I can't wait to see all that you do (outside of Muncie, IN). 

Here's to all the years in the future & all the more photos I'll be taking of you. 


For more information about senior portrait sessions for high school & college seniors, send me an email at samantharosephotography1@gmail.com or visit my website samanthabrammerphotography.com 

Emily Ayers & Josie Raiser - Cardinal Greenway // March 18, 2017

It's been awhile since I got a blog post up. I've honestly been in sort of a 'photo slump.' Not that I haven't been proud of my work or editing, but the time between winter break and spring break is always so gloomy in the midwest and it can make it hard to stay motivated.

Leading up to this session, I really wasn't feeling very creative and was honestly hoping to put it off, but after having another session that morning, I was ready to take some photos outside. It was freezing this day and extremely windy. Emily & Josie teamed up with Reagan Lynn Photography and I for this stylized shoot. 

The girls looked gorgeous in velvet and silk dresses and did an amazing job pretending they weren't freezing the whole time. We took these photos on the Cardinal Greenway. Sometimes taking photos in Muncie every week can get a little repetitive, but Reagan and I loved finding just a couple random buildings and stops along the way for creative backgrounds. 

Our session was only about 45 minutes, but it was just enough time for me to be so excited to start editing these photos. I'm so excited with how these turned out. I say that every time after I edit a session and I always say it's my new favorite session, but it really is true. I've loved growing so much with my editing and though process of taking photos these past couple of months. Let me know what you think of this set. 

Here's to staying creative. xoxo // Samantha Rose Photography

Email me at samantharosephotography1@gmail.com to set up a collaboration or session. 

"Enjoy the little things." 


Ruthie Hughes - Abandoned // January 9, 2017

I've always been fascinated by abandoned buildings, especially when the inside has barely been touched since people last inhibited it. On January 9 I drove to Alexandria, IN with Reagan Lynn Photography & our model, Ruthie Hughes. We explored an abandoned nursing home that looks to have closed around 2003. There were still bed frames in different rooms and paintings on the walls. Lots of items had been moved into one large room, leaving old patient rooms empty with broken windows and chipping paint. Some areas of the building had few windows, so lighting was scarce and inside the building was about 20°. Ruthie did an amazing job and let us photograph her even in the creepiest (& dirtiest) rooms. I'm really proud of this shoot & how I focused on natural lighting and using unique locations/areas. Here's to exploring all kinds of places in 2017.

Interested in collaborating or having a session of your own? Email me at samanthabrammerphotography@gmail.com for inquiry! I love getting into new projects.