What to wear for your senior photos - Tips from Samantha Rose - Phoenix, AZ Based Photographer

This is my first blog post that will be part of my 'Tips from Samantha Rose' series. I want to keep these blog posts, simple & to the point, but give you everything that you came here for. 

Before we get started, a little about me... I'm Samantha, a Phoenix, Arizona based photographer (& surrounding areas) that focuses on weddings, seniors, couples, & creative work. 

Something to remember when it comes to your senior photos or any type of session, you want your outfit to represent you. Your personal style & personality should shine through your photos, don’t get caught up in what other people are wearing or doing for their photos. These are just tips to make your photographs even more amazing & what I have found looks the best… or doesn’t look the best.

Things to avoid:

  1. Neon colors

    -Neon colors tend to reflect onto your face & create weird skin tones!

  2. Form Fitting Dresses

    -There are exceptions to this, but anything that is form fitting is usually pretty hard to sit down in & shows all types of lines, you want to be able to move around for your photos!

  3. Graphic T’s

    -There are a lot of exceptions for this one. Sometimes graphic t’s (your favorite band, the college you’re going to, or your favorite band) show your personality & can be dressed up well. Dress up the shirt with cuffed jeans & a french tuck & a cute pair of

  4. Wild Patterns

    -Horizontal lines, tiny polka dots, anything that makes you have to blink a few times for your eyes to focus on it are usually not the best. Although these may look cute, sometimes certain patterns don’t photograph well because of the contrast between colors so it’s just easiest to avoid them. Not sure if a pattern will photograph well or not? Send a photo of your outfit to your photographer beforehand!

  5. Anything that wrinkles easily or picks up a lot of lint

    -Do a test run ahead of time to make sure after you sit down or squat that you won’t end up with a lot of unflattering wrinkles in your shirt/dress. Photographers can fix minor things like a few wrinkles or a piece of fuzz here & there, but if your entire outfit is covered in dog hair, even after editing it may not look the best.

The basics of choosing an outfit:

  1. Color is everything. If you’re not sure what color you want to wear for your photos, think about your location that you’re having your photos taken at.

    -For lush greens: maroon, mustard yellow, off-white, tans, & deep/darker colors always pop

    -For desert landscape: pastels, deep colors & neutrals, & vibrant colors like a strong red & yellow always photograph well

    -For the city: darker tones like blues & blacks & maroon always look good against a city scape

  2. You can dress up or down any outfit, depending on what style you want. For nature type landscapes, flowy dresses with a boho style always look beautiful (especially at golden hour).

  3. Don’t be afraid to accessorize with other clothing items! Want a dress to have a more chic look? Wear a shirt underneath it. Bring a jean jacket or some type of jacket to drape over your shoulder, tie around your waist, carry behind you, or just wear normal! Jackets can add so much more to your outfit, but make it easy to switch up your look. Bring a hat along too! If you want to easily step your outfit game up, bring a hat to wear or hold in front of your face or in your hand for a few shots can add a lot to photos.

  4. Sometimes less is more. Don’t overthink what you want to wear. What do you feel the best in when you go out somewhere? Don’t be afraid to be photographed in it! You should have your own personal style in these photos because they’re of YOU.

  5. Don’t be afraid to go out-of-the-ordinary though. Did you love your prom dress & want another excuse to wear it? GET PHOTOS TAKEN IN IT. No matter the location, if you have a unique outfit in mind, something that’s unexpected can look great in photos & really stand out.

Some Simple Tips:

  1. Wearing a dress or skirt? Wear a pair of shorts underneath. That way if you need to sit down on the ground or move around, it’s easy to do so.

  2. Did you recently get a lot of sunshine? When thinking about your outfits, don’t forget about awkward tan lines that could possibly show in your photos.

  3. Don’t forget to take your hair tie off your wrist! Your photographer will probably remind you, but just in case.

  4. Make sure you can move around in your outfit! Your photographer will probably give you a lot of different poses, some will be sitting, standing, looking over your shoulder, if your outfit is too tight or looks bad when you’re sitting, you might want to think of a different outfit option.

  5. Send your photog photos of your outfits beforehand! We aren’t mind readers & we can give suggestions, but we don’t know what your personal closet looks like. If you’re unsure if something will fit the location or look you’re going for, send them a snapshot of your outfit(s) & they’ll be able to help you with more details easily! You can also check out their Instagram or Pinterest for ideas of past looks they shot to give yourself inspiration.

In the end, don’t be afraid to be you. If I listed something about that I said you should avoid, but you know it’s your personal style & you want to rock it, go for it! These are just suggestions to help you figure out what will look best for you & what I have found looks the best when I photograph. As long as you’re excited for your session, YOU love your outfit, & you have an awesome photographer, you will look amazing.

All Hallows' Eve - A Session at the Cemetery

Halloween is finally here (& almost over).

My favorite time of year & my favorite holiday. There’s always something special about the way October feels. In a recent Instagram post I made I stated, “there’s something about early fall mornings when the sun hasn’t quite come up yet & there’s dew on the grass, a chilly breeze, & the smell of fallen leaves in the air that puts my mind in a special place. I’ve grown up loving Halloween my entire life, the whole season of it & the way it makes me feel.”

I typically decorate for Halloween during the middle of August & spend the next couple months binge watching all my favorite Halloween kid movies & scary films.

I’ve come to find that the actual day of Halloween isn’t quite what it used to be. That tends to happen when you get older. Once you’re too old for Trick or Treating & the whole “vibe” for the holiday when you’re in your 20s is a lot different.

Which is why I love getting to take themed photos like this. The photos from this session give me the exact Halloween feeling that I always long for when the day comes around. A cool day, just a glimpse of the sun, autumn leaves, & a creepy theme to go along with it all.


Had so much fun waking up at the crack of dawn with Pride & Reagan to bring our ideas to life.

Reagan found this dress in a vintage shop during the middle of the summer & sent me a photo of it & we knew it would be perfect for our Halloween session this year. After finding the perfect model, adding some of my mom’s vintage jewelry, & just a few details with candles & flowers, we knew this was going to be the perfect shoot.


Anyone could see that the wind was a special wind this night, and the darkness took on a special feel because it was All Hallows’ Eve.

Happy Halloween everyone, I hope you had a great day & enjoyed the photos from this set.

Intimate Phoenix, AZ Wedding Photography - Pomelo Phoenix

Last month on June 28th, I had the pleasure of photographing an intimate wedding in Phoenix, AZ at Pomelo PHX. I've been an Arizona based photographer for only three months now, so I was so excited to photograph Victoria & Sam's special day. These two actually found me through REDDIT (which just goes to show you should market yourself everywhere). It was a quick, cute ceremony with just their immediate family. Victoria & Sam have been together for 10 years & decided they wanted to officially tie the knot. I'm so happy they were the first wedding I photographed in Arizona & I love how their photos turned out. Check out my favorites below:

Venue:  Pomelo PHX

Venue: Pomelo PHX

Cake by:  My Goodness Cakes  
Flowers by: Pam's Floral 

Flowers by: Pam's Floral 


I couldn't wait for the summer at the Warped Tour - A 10 Year Tradition

If you're not a part of the pop-punk scene, you might not know that the Vans Warped Tour is making its final full cross country tour this summer. 

A little history... Warped Tour has been around for 24 years. It started in 1995 & was created by Kevin Lyman. It's the largest & longest running touring music festival in the United States & is geared most towards punk rock music. 


I attended my first Warped in 2009 when I was 13. 

I had recently gotten into punk music over the last couple years & my older brother had attended the tour the year before in 2008. When my friend & I decided we really wanted to go, he agreed to go with us, even though the music we were listening to at the time he wouldn't necessarily classify as "punk music." 

We had no idea what we were doing, if my rolled up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt and pink aviators don't make that obvious enough... we were so excited though. I had never been to anything like this before, where your favorite bands play all day long, you can easily meet them, & everyone is just there for a good time listening to music. 

I've been to other music festivals like Lollapalooza & it's just not the same (for myself at least), people go to Warped for the experience, not to wear a cute outfit & for the Instagram aesthetic. 

When I say that this tour changed my life, I'm not being dramatic. This music & these bands truly shaped who I am. Punk music has always had a strong "don't give a f*%! about what people think about you" attitude to its music. When you're in middle school & high school & people are jerks about what you wear, what music you listen to, how you look, & anything in between, having music & band members that make you feel not as alone helps a lot along the way. 

There's also a certain type of atmosphere at Warped that you can't get anywhere else. With people crowd surfing all over (& the possibility of getting kicked in the face that has happened to me multiple times), the annoying band guys trying to oversell their CDs, the strange things they have handed out for free over the years (anywhere from Arby's roast beef sandwiches, PeaceTea, Monster, iTunes downloads, melted candy, tacky sunglasses, to Trojan condoms). It's so weird & so much fun.  

And if this isn't obvious enough already, I'm a die-hard pop-punk fan. I have had a lot of friends over the years that have liked certain bands in this genre, but most people grew out of it after a certain age. I never did. When I go to these shows & I'm seeing bands I've listened to my entire life, I'm not living out some "childhood" or "middle school" dream, these are bands I have always loved & always supported. 

I have met every single one of my favorite bands throughout the years. Which I think is another side of how amazing Warped Tour is for people. We listen to these bands, we grow up with them & sometimes they don't even seem real. Once you see them live in front of you & meet them & have a real conversation with them (& smell what type of cologne they wear), it all changes. These people that have created music that have helped shape you & feel less lonely throughout your life, they're right there, & you realize they're just human too. There's no feeling like it. 

The tour had changed over the years, they tried adding workshops & structuring the stages differently, I've seen hundreds of different sponsors come through the tour, some years the bands weren't the best, there's annoying people at the shows, people won't leave you alone about buying their merch, it's too hot, or something else goes wrong. In the end though, I would never change anything. 


I've seen so many bands on the Vans Warped Tour, I can't even keep track. To compile a short list: 3oh!3, The White Tie Affair, Forever the Sickest Kids, All Time Low, We the Kings, I See Stars, The Ready Set, Breathe Carolina, Breathe Electric, Mike Posner (lol), Less than Jake, Motion City Soundtrack, Taking Back Sunday, NeverShoutNever!, The All-American Rejects, The Maine, Mayday Parade, Waterparks, As It Is, Prvis, This Story So Far, State Champs, The Academy Is..., A Day to Remember, The Ataris, Flogging Molly, Anarbor, Phone Calls From Home, Black Veil Brides, Artist Vs. Poet, Automatic Love Letter, BoysLikeGirls, Bring Me the Horizon, Cartel, Wallpaper, Metro Station, Go Radio, Pierce the Veil, Good Charlotte, Hey Monday, We Are the In Crowd, The Summer Set & honestly so many more that I'm sure I'm forgetting. 

A handful of these bands have split up over the years or changed names or gone into solo careers. I've seen some of them more than 5 times & some of them only once, but every single one of them put on one of the best gosh darn shows each time I saw them. 


Meeting the Ataris at my first Warped Tour in 2009 in Noblesville, IN. 

Meeting the Ataris at my first Warped Tour in 2009 in Noblesville, IN. 

I attended my first Vans Warped Tour in 2009 at the then, Verizon Wireless Music Center, in Noblesville, IN. From 2010 to 2017, my amazing mom attended all the other shows with me (in case you didn't know I have a really awesome mom that listens to the same music I do & loves concerts just as much as me). This was my first year going to Warped in a new state (Phoenix, AZ). My boyfriend, Brannon Muncey, went with me to the final show (he's NOT a fan of concerts, but was kind enough to go with me & try & have a good time). And even though I was in a different state & a different venue, it was just as amazing as it has been the last 9 years. Also, as I'm writing this blog post my mom is at Warped Tour RIGHT NOW in Noblesville. She FaceTimed me in so that we could get a photo together. 


It's hard knowing that Warped Tour is coming to an end. It's a tour that I've grown up with & has been such a strong tradition in my life for 10 years straight. There's been countless memories made that a blog post just can't do justice. This is just a huge thank you to the Vans Warped Tour, Kevin Lyman, all the bands, all the companies, & all the people involved. It has been such a crazy & amazing time over the years that I will truly never, ever forget. 


NASA Inspired Studio Session - Arizona Based Portrait Photographer

Back in March I had an amazing stylized session with some of my favorite creatives in Indiana. I posted a blog post featuring all the other looks a couple months ago inspired by bold colors and fashion, you can view that blog post here

The other part of that session was truly my all time favorite studio session I have EVER done. If you know me, you know that I love NASA. I have wanted to do a space themed shoot for so long and I finally got to work with an awesome team that made those dreams come true. 

Model:  Cheyanne Cook  | Hair & Makeup:  MUA Hailey  | Outfit:  NASA Bomber Jacket  

Model: Cheyanne Cook | Hair & Makeup: MUA Hailey | Outfit: NASA Bomber Jacket 

BoldIsTheMove_Christine+Cheyanne_March2018_Senior Photography In Tempe_ArizonaPortraitPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_FINAL_170.JPG
BoldIsTheMove_Christine+Cheyanne_March2018_Senior Photography In Tempe_ArizonaPortraitPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_FINAL_176.JPG
BoldIsTheMove_Christine+Cheyanne_March2018_Senior Photography In Tempe_ArizonaPortraitPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_FINAL_166.JPG

I wanted a look that was ~out of this world~ but really, Hailey did such an amazing job with the makeup. I knew that we needed something bold to drive the photos since we were working with mostly a black backdrop. We then added in metallic props to help give a galaxy theme. 


I'm so proud of this session and so happy with how it turned out. I'm spending more time this month dedicated to my creative work and excited for all the adventures. 

Technicolor Difficulties - The Barrett Brothers

new_BarrettBrothers_StudioSession_Senior Photography In Phoenix Arizona_ArizonaSeniorPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_final_-29.jpg

Back in March shortly before I left Indiana, I got to do one of the coolest collab sessions I have ever done. I had wanted to do some more creative studio work before I moved & Bryndon Barrett reached out to me when I posted a model call on Instagram. We had a few different ideas in mind & then eventually added his two brothers, @breydonbarrett & @tarbyy to the mix. 

We wanted colors & posing to really drive most of the photos. Bryndon had the idea of primary colors for a bold statement, and since the three of them almost look like triplets (which they're not), in the photos you can focus on them as a whole, not just individually. After a snow storm delaying our session & multiple outfit decisions to be made, we finally got to make some photo magic & here are my final edits. 


new_BarrettBrothers_StudioSession_Senior Photography In Phoenix Arizona_ArizonaSeniorPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_final_-3.jpg
new_BarrettBrothers_StudioSession_Senior Photography In Phoenix Arizona_ArizonaSeniorPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_final_-12.jpg

There wasn't a complete set plan for all the photos, but we wanted a connected feeling for most of the shots. Here are my top picks: 

This is the first installment of this session with the Barrett Brothers, I'll be sharing the other set of photos in a couple weeks! I'm hoping to get into more creative, styled work this year & this session was the perfect stepping stone for creativity & different ideas. 

The Greatest Spectacle in Photos - Indy 500 Stylized Session

My family has listened to the Indy 500 since before I was born.

Every. Single. Year. 

I'm not even a race fan, but it was still treated like a holiday (decorations included). And we are in attendance every year at the annual Indy 500 Parade (most notable years are 2007 which featured Patrick Depsey and 2015 when Nastia Liukin came). Waving at B-List celebrities, critiquing floats, and eating sandwiches with my whole family is by far the best part though. 

I'm in Indiana this week and I have always wanted to do a 500 themed session, whether I am a real fan of racing or not, I love styling clothes and getting creative for any occasion. I teamed up with my photo friend, Reagan Allen, and models Claire Mahoney and Amanda Pecora for this spontaneous session. 

Indy500StyledSession_MuncieIN_May2018_Senior Photography In Phoenix Arizona_ArizonaSeniorPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_FINAL_032.JPG

I styled this whole session from clothes in my closet, brought our two Indy 500 flags, grabbed some Indy Car cups, and a water bottle filled with milk (in case you aren't aware of the traditions of the Indy 500, the winner drinks milk at the end. If you want to know why, click this link here).

Without further ado, I give you the Greatest Spectacle in Photos (please tell me you get the pun). 


Winners Drink Milk

(unless they're dairy-free)

Illuminate. Innovate. Indianapolis. 

(the theme of this year's Indy 500 events)

Model 1: Short jean overalls from brand Mudd, checkered bandeau bra from VANS

Model 2: TopShop Textured Gingham Shirt, shorts thrifted from Vintage Shoppe in Muncie 


If you're attending the Indy 500 this year, bring and drink lots of water, wear sunscreen, bring sunglasses, and maybe some ear plugs. If you're listening from home, the race coverage starts at 11 a.m. ET (8 a.m. PT) and the race is schedule to start at 12:20 p.m. ET (9:20 a.m. PT). 

Polaroid Memories

Isn't time a funny thing?

My mom and I always say that. Because time is a funny thing. It's a really weird thing. Life tends to sneak up on people. That famous quote from One Tree Hill describes it pretty well, 

“One day, you’re 17 and you’re planning for someday. And then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life.” 

Don't get me wrong though, I am so glad I'm not 17 anymore. Life changes for a reason, we grow up, we change, we meet new people. It's the moments in the middle that make me nostalgic though. All the family holidays that you think will never end when you're younger. The car rides with your dog in the middle of summer. Decorating for your birthday parties with your mom. Your first date. The people you meet throughout your life, when you're in high school or college, that are sometimes just in your life for a short glimpse of your whole life in retrospect. The moments we don't think about until later on though. 

PolaroidMemories_May2018_TempeAZ_Portrait Photography In Tempe Arizona_ArizonaPortraitPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_final_-2.jpg

I love photos, polaroids especially. I'm sure you're sitting there thinking, "of course you do Samantha, you're a photographer" and who doesn't like photographs? I'm such a nostalgic person though, photos just make me feel a certain way. I don't know how to explain it, but it's a happy-sad feeling. I love that photos can take us back in time, make us remember memories or relive moments. They also make me sad though, knowing there's certain memories or places you'll never look at the same. There's certain people you may never see again. People move away. Animals (and people) pass away. Traditions change. 

Back home I spent a lot of time looking at old photographs. From when I was younger or before I was born. I loved looking at my grandma's old photo albums, trying to figure out what the feeling was like when the photo was taken. My grandpa passed away when I was only 4 so I've spent a lot of time over the years looking at photos of him and asking my mom questions because I want to feel like I know him more. All the photos have helped with that. 

PolaroidMemories_May2018_TempeAZ_Portrait Photography In Tempe Arizona_ArizonaPortraitPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_final_-3.jpg

I guess that's what people would say is the beauty of it all though and what's so nice about photographs. Because even if people do leave and things change, you'll always have that memory and that photo to remember it all. 

And I call these Polaroid Memories because I treat polaroids a little differently than other photos. In today's world we're so lucky to have high-tech phones that let us take photos so easily. We can pretty much capture every moment of every day on our smart phone. And with my DSLR have unlimited shots that I can take (well about 3,000 when both my memory cards are empty). We constantly snap away. We post our photos on Snapchat, and Facebook, and Instagram, and we share it with all our friends and followers to see. We have a tendency to not print photos out like we used to. I promise it's different holding a memory rather than just looking at it on your phone though. 

PolaroidMemories_May2018_TempeAZ_Portrait Photography In Tempe Arizona_ArizonaPortraitPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_final_-6.jpg

That's why polaroids are extra special (and I'm sure all you avid film users are rolling your eyes or maybe agreeing) because you don't have endless shots to take. So you have to pick and choose what you want to document. I know a day or a moment meant a lot when I have a polaroid of it. 

PolaroidMemories_May2018_TempeAZ_Portrait Photography In Tempe Arizona_ArizonaPortraitPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_final_-9.jpg

There's just some things I never want to forget, even if they make me a little sad. I hope I always remember my family's dog, Lizzy, the best beagle to ever grace this planet. And all the trips I took with my mom to California, Colorado, New York City, Chicago, and in between. And the holidays every year with my grandma, and siblings, and all my aunts, uncles, and cousins. And the adventures I took with my slendas.  All the photo shoots. My cat. And living with my best friend. Moments are so special. So don't forget the in betweens and the people you meet along the way. Make more polaroid memories. 

“Maybe it’s sad that these are now memories. And maybe it’s not sad.”

- The Perks of Being a Wallflower 

PolaroidMemories_May2018_TempeAZ_Portrait Photography In Tempe Arizona_ArizonaPortraitPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_final_-11.jpg

Fast Food Photo Challenge - Taco Bell - KFC - McDonald's - Muncie, Indiana

Two days ago I got a text from my best photo friend, Reagan Allen, that read, "Do you ever see a very not photogenic place and think man, I could take a cool pic there. Going through the Starbucks drive through and I see the striped wall of KFC and want to take pics in front of it" 

FastFoodPhotoChallenge_KaitlinRomack_March2018_Senior Photography In Tempe_ArizonaPortraitPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_final_013.JPG

My reply: "Yes!! I've really wanted to shoot at a Taco Bell because I love tbell so much hahaha" 

Within 45 minutes we had decided on our locations and found someone to model for us the next day at 3 p.m. 

This wasn't a very serious session by any means, but since I'm moving half way across the country in less than three weeks, we decided we needed to just go for it and get some creativity out. 


You get a few funny looks when you go inside a fast food restaurant with your "fancy cameras", a model, and start looking for the best window light.

It was worth the stares though. 

Look at these photos from TACO BELL. I should add that I am obsessed with Taco Bell. I don't really eat a lot of fast food anymore, but I still make relatively regular 4th meal runs... I also drink A LOT of Baja Blast (probably an unhealthy amount), so I HAD to include it in some of these. 

(p.s. we did ask for permission before we started taking photos). 

We weren't sure if we really needed to go any place else after how much fun we had here, but we decided to still hit up KFC and possibly McDonald's. 

FastFoodPhotoChallenge_KaitlinRomack_March2018_Senior Photography In Tempe_ArizonaPortraitPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_final_027.JPG

KFC's red and white wall did not disappoint. 


After living in Indiana my whole life, I've always thought that I could look at things a little differently. We don't have mountains, or an ocean, or desert landscapes. We have a lot of corn, it's really flat (where I'm located), and we have A LOT of overcast days. So you learn to work with what you have in your backyard, or the side of a building. 


We finished off this random and hilarious session at the McDonald's in Muncie that still has one of the original signs. We decided to go through the drive-thru and get an order of fries and an ice cream cone to use as props (and eat). 

This McDonald's is on a pretty busy road in town so there was a lot of staring and some honking (which p.s. if you're one of those people that honks at people taking photos or getting their photo taken, we don't like or appreciate it). 

The golden arch and retro font were giving us all the vintage vibes that our 21 and 22 year old hearts love. 

This was such a fun, spontaneous session. I get asked a lot my fellow photographers, old classmates, or just Instagram followers how I practice or make time for fun sessions. I know plenty of other photographers say this, but honestly, just use what you have and make time. Wake up early or stay up late, reach out to people to model for you or to shoot with you, learn about your gear, what YouTube videos, just keep growing. You do not get better over night and you most definitely do not get better staring at other people's work and wondering why yours doesn't look like it. Every time I have a session, whether it's for a client or just for fun, I always look back at all my photos and take notes about what I could have improved on. I have such a long way to go, but having a fun, creative shoot with my best photo friend at fast food restaurants has helped push me just that much closer to where I want to be. Isn't it so cool that this is what I get to do for the rest of my life? 

Any suggestions on what weird place we should have a session at next? Let me know in the comments (seriously, do it)! 

Here's to the next crazy adventure. 



Dreaming with my eyes open

Last night, I danced under the most perfect Indiana sky, surrounded by fog, camera in-hand, in one of my favorite outfits, with one of my best friends. 

I truly felt like I was dreaming with my eyes open. 

Photo by: Reagan Lynn Photography

Photo by: Reagan Lynn Photography

(Scroll to the bottom for photos)

Reagan and I had made a trip to downtown Indianapolis for a photographer meet-up hosted by one of our favorite photogs (@zacharyraber). We decided to make the trip a few weeks ago and wanted to make a day out of it. We arrived early to eat brunch at Cafe Patachou. 

We were a little pessimistic at first... it had been pouring down rain all morning, it was cold, and although we enjoyed our food, afterwards we couldn't get the parking meter to work. We looked at each other, with our camera gear around our necks and both in matching rain coats and said, "This better be worth it." 

Once we finally got parked and to the meet-up location at the Indiana State Museum, we couldn't find the group and had no clue where to go. It felt a little disorganized and we were still questioning if this trip was worth our precious gas money. 

After finding a group of people that were also lost, but also looking for the meet-up, we finally got to where we were supposed to be. There was a lot of disorganization and no one really knew what was going on (a model pointed out that a woman was clearly not in charge of this meet-up, haha). 

The day was filled with a couple hours of shooting along the canal, drizzling rain, a lot of squatting in bushes and bumping elbows with other photographers (oh and free hats!). Surrounded by 20 other creatives, it was an awesome day. A group of us went to a cute coffee shop afterwards called the Thirsty Scholar. We were all obsessing over the perfect lighting and marble tables the entire time. 

After an hour of talking, laughing, Instagram photos, and hand-modeling, it was time to get on the road home (making a quick stop in front of an ivy-wall in the parking lot). 

Reagan and I started the walk back to the car, talking about all of the wall art, abandoned buildings, and what a day it had been. We were satisfied. 

We had been on the road for about 10 minutes when we noticed how the fog was hanging low by the river. Before either of us commented on how breathtaking it looked, we both knew we had to stop. 

As Reagan drove forward, the sun was setting faster and we were getting discouraged that there would be no place to pull off on the side of the road. She took the first possible right that we approached and our hearts sunk a little when we saw that the river just didn't look quite as magical from that side. 

Sunset_IndianapolisIndiana_January2018_Senior Photography In Tempe_ArizonaSeniorPhotographer_SamanthaRosePhotography_final_-1.jpg

Until we saw the bridge ahead, with the perfect pull-off location. The sun was the perfect hues of pink, blue, and orange and the fog was rolling in. We both jumped out of the car, screaming to each other with excitement. 

As we were running around, switching outfits, dancing around, freaking out about how this was the most perfect photo location and moment in the entire world, I felt so alive and inspired. 

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love what I do. Although, I sometimes have doubt about my career choice. My passion. My hobby. My whole life revolves around photography, and I have questioned if that was the right decision. Will I make enough money? Will I get enough business? Will I keep improving? Will I get burnt out? 

Let me tell you that tonight confirmed that I'm doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. You see, photographers see the world differently and unless you are one, I can't really describe how it looks. Abandoned buildings, a row of matching trash cans, rusted down vehicles, a laundromat, raggedy clothes, parking garages, and crumbling walls all look magical to us. The perfect backdrop. So when you give us a PERFECT SUNSET and add fog to it, that's just something I can't put into words. 

I may not have it all figured out, but I would not give up the way I see the world and the way I photograph it for anything. 

So here's to the nights we feel alive and so in the moment that nothing else matters. I say that I felt like I was dreaming with my eyes open last night, but if we are being honest I get to dream with my eyes open every time I'm behind my camera. Oh how lucky I am. 

Here's to the next adventure. 

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2017: A Look Back

2017 was A YEAR. Let me tell you. 

There's a line in The Ready Set's song, "Fire in the Sky" that says, "Last year I lost my sense of self, falling apart like someone else." That's really the only way to describe this year in a sentence. 

You hear a lot about people trying to "find themselves" + I never really understood the whole sense of losing yourself until 2017. It was a wild + rough year. 

My biggest gain from this (past) year was how much I grew as a photographer. I completely invested myself into my work + really tried to push my creativity + my business. This was my first year having multiple photo sessions every month. My first year where I was actually starting to take my business to the next level. I got to work with SO MANY amazing people. From clients of all types, models, make-up artists, and fellow photographers. 

It has been crazy to see my photos progress + how I have developed a real style. I am SO excited for 2018. To express my creative eye. Grow to completely new levels. And hopefully see a lot of new places + meet a lot of new people. I am so excited for all the adventures to come. I'm ready for change. I hope you're ready to watch the crazy ride. 

Here is a look back at all of my photo sessions from 2017. 

(p.s. I know this post is LONG because I included a ton of photos, but I hope you scroll to the end + let me know what your favorite photo was of mine from 2017). 

Here's to the next adventure. 



Families, kids, couples, special moments. 

Weddings: My favorite love stories. 

Creative Work: Stylized sessions, models, studio portraits, concerts, film sets, performances, self portraits + anything else in between. 

Haunted Halloween Portraits // Friday the 13th // Son of Scarevania in Muncie, IN

In case you did not know this about me, I LOVE Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. It has been my entire life. I love dressing up, the decorations, black & orange, scary movies, the entire fall season. 

It might help that I was born right in the middle of October (the 15th), and so it has always been a big part of my birthday. I have been fortunate enough to grow up with an amazing mom that hosted THE BEST birthday parties for me. I'm not just saying that, people still talk about my birthday parties from elementary school. 

We used to deck-out our garage in cobwebs, fake spiders, straw bales, and I had a costume party every year. Don't get me wrong, all of the holidays are a big deal in my family, we love decorating for basically any event, but Halloween has just always held a special place in my heart. 

I don't know if it's the ceramic pumpkins and haunted houses that my mom made that filled the shelves at our house, or how my grandma used to sew our costumes for us to make us into anything we wanted. Either way, you get my point, Halloween is just special to me. 

I was so excited when I got asked to take photos at the Son of Scarevania haunted house at Cornerstone Center for the Arts in Downtown Muncie. I will admit, haunted houses do terrify me. If you're a local of Muncie, you'll remember that the Muncie Children's Museum used to have 'The Basement' every year. I tried going through it once, I didn't make it to the end. Yet I'm still obsessed with all things scary.

(continued below) 


I walked through the whole haunted house and photographed all of the characters in their element. I will admit I was scared the entire time, this haunted house is legit. I captured some awesome portraits of them all & wanted to feature them below. 

Son of Scarevania is open every Friday & Saturday night in October. Doors open at 8 p.m. and close at midnight. Tickets are $12 and all proceeds benefit Cornerstone Center for the Arts. 

Happy Haunting & Happy Friday the 13th. 


Samantha Rose

Stylized Water Session // Indiana Adventure Photographer // Muncie, Indiana

This was by far my favorite session I have ever had. 


Do you ever get an image in your head of how you want something to look and it doesn't come out quite like you pictured? This was NOT one of those times. I sent out a model call a couple months ago and Indianapolis based model Christine Tate (@christinelouistate) reached out to me. I knew she was perfect for the water session I had been thinking up in my head. She also put me into contact with the amazing Indianapolis based makeup artist, Evian Does Makeup (@eviandoesmakeup). 


I have wanted to do a collab session for so long, and this was such a dream session for my first one! 


Christine's metallic nails and smokey makeup fit perfect with the water and mix of warm and cool tones. 

Contact Evian at for more information about her work!

This right here is my all time favorite photo, I am so proud of this piece of work and it will be featured in my gallery at Cornerstone Center for the Arts that opens Sept. 7, 2017 from 5-8 p.m. and will be open throughout the whole month of September. 

This right here is my all time favorite photo, I am so proud of this piece of work and it will be featured in my gallery at Cornerstone Center for the Arts that opens Sept. 7, 2017 from 5-8 p.m. and will be open throughout the whole month of September. 

Click through the photos below to check out more of my top picks from this session:

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